A New Game, Ballad of Solar: Brotherhood at War is Available for iPad Users

The popular game developer, Alawar Entertainment, has just launched a new game called Ballad of Solar for iPad users. This is a kind of tower offense epic game with an immerse gameplay.

Ballad of Solar

This game involves a Lumiland which is under the Dark Sorcerer’s evil forces. Here the player’s goal is to battle against them and save the land from the deadly evil forces.

Choose a powerful hero from 3 mighty heroes to start off your game. Then get into the terrible battle and smash your rivals to save the land!

Ballad of Solar app

Here’s the game features:

  • 16 different levels with 7 diverse locations to explore.
  • Intensely absorbing gameplay.
  • Challenging boss battles.
  • Top-notch visuals and an epic soundtrack.
  • Awesome upgrades that will help you battle against evil forces with ease.

Ballad of Solar game

Currently, this game is only available for iPad users. It provides a great gaming experience with stunning visuals and soundtrack.

iPad users can download the game from Apple App Store for $0.92. It is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 4.3 or above.

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