A New Game Grandpa and the Zombies Hits iOS and Android

Tivola has released a new game called Grandpa and the Zombies on both iOS and Android platforms. It’s not a rock band, it’s a crazy zombie puzzle game that engages players in the zany zombie fun.

Grandpa and the Zombies

The game focuses on Grandpa Willy, the protagonist who suddenly wakes up with a broken leg in a hospital packed with zombies. As a player, you need to help the Grandpa in escaping from the endless waves of zombies.

In each level, you need to steer and control the Willy’s wheelchair (whose brakes are not in a working condition) and guide him towards the elevator while escaping from the zombies and collecting candies, which he likes the most.

Grandpa and the Zombies app

The game includes the following key features:

  • Immersive gameplay with 3 worlds and 90 levels.
  • Dreadful zombies.
  • Each level throws a new challenge.
  • Brilliant comic-style visuals for kids and adults.
  • You can challenge your buddies on Twitter or Facebook.

iOS and Android users can download the Grandpa and the Zombies game directly from the links given below. iOS app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 5.0 or above, while Android version works with devices powered by Android 2.3.3 and above..

Grandpa and the zombies download link for iOS ($0.99)

Grandpa and the zombies download link for Android ($0.99)

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