A New Game, Link The Slug Lands On iOS and Android

Bulkypix reveals a new game called Link The Slug for iOS and Android users. This is a puzzle game that resembles ZeptoLab’s renowned game, Pudding Monsters in graphics.

Link The Slug

This game features a slug-terminating gameplay, which is far different from Pudding Monsters (pudding-integrating gameplay). Players need to wipe out all the slugs to get through each level.

Game features:

  • Casual and captivating gameplay.
  • Explore 3 beautiful worlds, and play 75 levels.
  • Smooth and alluring characters.
  • Unique gameplay.
  • Fun, challenging puzzles suitable for all ages.

Link The Slug app

The game features colorful and lustrous graphics, created taking inspiration from the Pudding Monsters.

iOS and Android users can download this new Link The Slug game from Apple App Store ($0.99) and Google Play Store ($1.22) respectively.

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