A New Game Starry Duo Hits iOS Platform

Mono Interactive has recently launched a new title called Starry Duo on iOS, which is a sequel to an endless runner game Starry Fly. Starry Duo is an exciting game that takes players on a fascinating journey through a delightful forest.

Starry Duo

In the former title, Starry Fly, players have to fly as far as they can by gathering stars of the same color specified by the magic wand. While the Starry Duo brings level- and target-based gameplay instead of endless mode. And as the title implies, Starry Duo allows 2 playable characters.

In this game, you take the role of a young boy called Polaris or a girl called Sirius. Once you select, the game starts where you need to fly through a magical forest and grab colored stars to charge your magic wand. As you gather stars and advance through the game, you will be able to grab different potions, cast spells, and upgrade your wand in order to battle against wicked forest monsters and bosses.

Starry Duo app

Here’s the complete list of game’s features:

  • Battle against evil creatures.
  • Discover forest treelings that can help you along your way.
  • Enchanting graphics that will absorb you in the magical world.
  • Excellent music and sound effects.
  • Support for leaderboards.
  • Upgraded with Apple’s new SpriteKit game engine.

iOS users can download Starry Duo game right from the following link. The app is available for free and is optimized for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running on iOS version 7.0 or above.

Starry Duo download link for iOS (free)

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