A New Game The Haunted Mansion Lands On iOS

The Haunted Mansion, a new strategy game from Playtouch has hit the iOS platform. Dive into horror in the spooky mansion and defend a young man chased by a mob of zombies.

The Haunted Mansion

A young man is locked up in a haunted mansion, and a horde of zombies are rushing towards him through the floors. Zombies are destroying the rotten wood floor and severely trying to get him. As a player, you need to block the floor with crates to avoid zombies before you leave for a new room.

Like other similar games, in this game you are not provided a gun or any weapon. All you need to do is prevent zombies with crates while they are still stuck in the floor. Plan carefully and move the crates to place them in a right place in order to avoid zombies. Just swipe the crates in the direction you want to place.

The game features 50 challenging levels to play; each level throws a harder puzzle than the last one.

Users can download this new The Haunted Mansion game for iOS directly from the link given below. The app is downloadable for free and it works with the iDevices that run on iOS 5.0 or above firmware.

The Haunted Mansion download link for iOS (free)

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