A new Racing Game, Sidekick Cycle Released On iOS

Global Gaming Initiative (GGI) releases an exciting downhill racer game called Sidekick Cycle for iOS users!

Sidekick Cycle

It’s a one-touch biking game that encourages players to reach high speeds, to perform tricks and jumps, and to complete circuits as early as possible.

Sidekick is the first creative project from the company, which was developed with a purpose. The company diverts 50% of the money obtained from sales and in-app purchases to World Bicycle Relief (WBR). While the WBR utilizes the money to build bikes for distributing amongst kids in a poverty-stricken community. For every 387 downloads of the game, one bicycle is donated to a child.

Sidekick Cycle game

In this game, players are required to blaze a track to victory on more than 30 different tracks in North America and Africa. Bravery and skills are required to withstand perilous terrain while performing gravity-defying tricks.

Features of the game:

  • Plenty of exciting levels! Race on 30 different tracks across the terrain of Africa and North America.
  • Insane tricks! Pull off gravity-bending jumps and tricks to earn bonus points and coins to purchase upgrades.
  • You will have helpful companion animals with ferocious powers to help you in the game.
  • Personalize your rides and avatars.
  • Share your scores and achievements on Leaderboards.

Sidekick Cycle app

iOS users can download the Sidekick Cycle from Apple App Store. This game is available for $0.99 and is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 4.3 or above.

Sidekick Cycle download link for iOS ($0.99)

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