A New Shooter Game, Moscow Dash is Available for iOS Users

Star Computers Trading, LLP releases a new shooter game called Moscow Dash for iOS users! This game takes you to an exciting underground world to defeat dreadful mutants and wild brutes.

Moscow Dash

Enter the Moscow’s underground world and battle your way while completing a hazardous delivery in the game! Hidden terrors have revolutionized the city’s inhabitants into monsters. Players should fight as a fearless envoy and need to survive by battling their way in the metropolis’ streets, underground and subways while transporting an esoteric package.

You need to avoid everyone to complete your task. You can pick any gun from the armory to defend yourself from the evil demons. Like all other similar games, you are allowed to upgrade your battle abilities and gather health points to destroy all of them.

Moscow Dash app

This game features a sparkling animated comic-book styled graphics. It consists of 70 exciting episodes over 9 different levels where players need to battle 30 dreadful mutants. This game also includes a Survival Mode to purchase. This package further tests your gaming skills with different challenges. The purchase automatically unlocks each level concomitant effective armaments and new characters to destroy them.

Game highlights:

  • 70 different episodes integrated in 9 levels.
  • 30 dreadful monsters.
  • 5 major types of weapons and 20 modifications for those weapons.
  • Battle by yourself or summon mentals, grannies and lads to help you out.
  • Recovery yourself with beer and get energized with an energy drink without injuring your body.
  • Detailed stats of the battle and a collection of excellent prizes for social networks.

Moscow Dash game app

This Moscow Dash is downloadable via Apple App Store for $0.99. It is compatible with devices that run iOS version 6.0 or above.

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