A New Toca Builders Game is Available for iOS Users

The widely-known kids game creator, Toca Boca has launched a new, kid-friendly game called Toca Builders on the iOS platform.

Toca Builders

This game is something like a minecraft sort of game, based on the world-building theme. It highly encourages your young ones to get artistic with constructing amazing world.

To accompany your young ones, this game provides 6 different builders, each of them having a unique ability. With the assistance of these little game characters, your kids can lift, spray, smash, color stuff, and drop as they create whatever their artistry affords.

Toca Builders app

This game supports an autosave feature, which always autosaves your little one’s progress with their creations. It also consists of a snapshot function, which allows them to capture their creations in photos.

Here’s the game features:

  • Six amazing builders.
  • Ability to color every block as player want.
  • Unique builders’ controls.
  • Autosave function.
  • Child-friendly interface.
  • Wonderful graphics.
  • No in-app purchase.
  • No restrictions, no rules.

Toca Builders game

This game is downloadable via Apple App Store for $0.99. It works with devices that run on iOS version 5.0 or above.

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