A New Video App, Clipcam is Released On iOS

A new video app called Clipcam has just joined the Apple App Store! This app has been specially designed for iOS 7, and allows users to record videos and assemble them into short movies.


There is no need to set up an account to use the app, you can start off as soon as you launch the app. Users are allowed to capture multiple square format clips with awe-inspiring live filters. You can also reorder and rearrange your clips before you share them through email, Facebook, SMS and so on.

Other video apps like Cameo and Vine restrict you to capture only 6-sec videos (though the former one works up to 2 minutes in total), but Clipcam doesn’t make such restrictions.

Clipcam app

You can just tap the centre button to start capturing, and hit it again to stop. You can continue this until you have collected all your videos, and then move them around into desired sequence. As aforementioned, you can apply live filters to your clips before you share them. However, some filters are free-to-access while some require a $0.99 to unlock.

iOS users can download the app through Apple App Store for free. The app works with iDevices running on iOS 7.0 or above.

Clipcam download link for iOS (free)

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