Action-Packed Arcade Game Groundskeeper2 is Launched On iOS

Orangepixel has come up with another game called Groundskeeper2 for iOS. It is a retro-style fast-paced action arcade title with impressive pixel art graphics. This game will put your skills to the test as you attempt and survive a bevy of alien invaders.


In this game, you need to battle against supernatural robots in order to protect the world from their invasion. To overcome the threat, you can make use of a wide variety of weapons such as machine guns, rocket launchers, laser guns and so on. In addition, there are also helpful tools like time slowdowns, shields, etc to enhance your strength and performance.

The game features several levels and each level throws you a different challenge. It also supports achievements and leaderboards that will jazz up the game and lets you view your position among other users around the world.

Groundskeeper2 app

iOS users can download the Groundskeeper2 game right from the link provided below. The app is optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and it requires iOS version 5.0 or above.

Groundskeeper2 download link for iOS ($1.99)

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