Adobe Revel for iOS Gets Support for Videos

Adobe has modernized its cloud-based service for iOS, Revel, to version 2.1. This latest version brings the most-awaited video support to users.

Adobe Revel

Now the updated version not only syncs photos across your PCs and iDevices, but also syncs videos! The company says that each video clip counts as an asset, so it’s equal to a single picture in terms of your monthly import allocation.

There’s an auto-import option within the app. When you tap on the option and select any video or photo, it will be automatically imported to Revel. In addition, you are also allowed to combine short video clips and photos into an album, and share it through a link to web gallery.

Adobe Revel app

Moreover, you can also share any of your desired videos or photos by sending a web link through text message or email. Additionally, you can also easily post a video to Facebook. The app posts a thumbnail from the video and features a link for your buddies to watch it online.

The latest version of Adobe Revel is available in the Apple App Store for free. The app works with devices running on iOS version 6.1 or above.

Adobe Revel download link for iOS (free)

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