Adobe’s New Lightroom Mobile App Arrives On iPad

Adobe has unleashed the most-rumored Lightroom Mobile app on iPad. Though the app is downloadable for free, you need to have a Lightroom 5 and Creative Cloud subscription in order to access it. In essence, iPad app serves as a companion app for the desktop edition and it brings top-notch photo processing suite.

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom is Adobe’s cutting-edge photo editing and workflow executive program. This tool is developed based on the non-destructive editing and filtering to beautify both Jpeg and RAW photos. The iPad version is in close feature parity with the desktop edition.

In a nutshell, the app allows you to edit your photos on the go on your iPad. The images in the app can be saved to your image gallery or shared through social sites. And all the changes you have made within the app are synced to the desktop version, and vice-versa.

The app leverages the Adobe’s Smart Previews, which allows you work with larger files without having to take up a huge space on your device. This feature generates a proxy of the original RAW file that remains the flexibility and properties of the original one, but is two to three percent of the original file size.

Lightroom Mobile app

The iPad version brings support for multitouch gestures, like when you tap with 2 fingers, the app reveals an image’s metadata, or when you tap using 3 fingers you will be able to toggle between before and after view of your edits.

Moreover, the app doesn’t include all the editing tools of the desktop edition, but it does have all the basic tonal controls, like contrast, vibrancy, saturation and exposure.

Ipad users can download the Lightroom Mobile app right from the following link. The app is compatible with iPad running on iOS version 7.0 or above.

Lightroom Mobile download link for iPad (free)

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