Albumatic – a new App for iPhone users to create automatic albums

Albumatic, a new iPhone App that allows its users to create a photo album in real time. It supports location specific photo sharing and users on installing the App can create albums by adding new photos.

The individuals who are at far distance can view images in the album, but they are restricted from posting comments and liking the images.

Albumatic- App

Users can add people using their email address, search on Facebook, use address book contact’s or perform location based search to enable the nearby users and share the images with them.

The App organizes all your captured photos as a list or an endless stream. The other users on joining the App or while viewing images can download them on to their camera roll. It’s been a major problem in most of the photosharing Apps, but the problem is not yet resolved in the Albumatic App.

Albumatic iPhone App

The App users can just find friends in their proximity through Facebook, but they cannot share or shell out images on social media platform such as Facebook and Twitter.


  • Users can create albums to display images for their friends
  • Friends within nearby proximity can join and add more photos
  • Friends at farther distance can just view the photo albums in real-time

Interested users can download the App by visiting the Apple iTunes App store.

Download link:

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