Amazon Cloud Drive Photos Receives Support for iPad

Amazon has revealed a notable revamp to its Amazon Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS. The revamp, which moves the app to version 2.0, includes support for iPad and video playback among other enhancements.

Amazon Cloud Drive Storage Photos

The app now supports users to upload video clips of up to 2GB in size or 20 min in length. That’s indeed long enough, and still a bit longer than the YouTube which allows you to upload videos of 15 minutes.

Similar to the Android version, when the Cloud Photos’ Auto-Save feature in the iOS version is activated you will see auto-uploads of your content. In other words, images and videos from your device will be uploaded automatically to the Amazon Cloud Drive over your cellular data network or WiFi network.

Amazon Cloud Drive Storage Photos app

Moreover, the app now offers a native support for iPad and iPad mini devices, enabling users to browse their content on the bigger screen. Alongside the ability to secure your content in a Cloud Drive, playback saved video can be directly streamed to any device. Furthermore, the update also brings some bug fixes.

But to make good use of the app, you need to have a Cloud Drive account, and if you do not have an account, the company is offering a storage space of up to 5GB for no charge. Those who have one, you will want to download this revamped version.

iOS users can download the latest version of Amazon Cloud Drive Photos from the link given below. The app is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above firmware.

Amazon Cloud Drive Photos download link for iOS (free)

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