Amazon Releases a New MP3 Web Store for iPod Touch and iPhone

Amazon has recently released a new MP3 web store for iPod touch and iPhone. This MP3 store provides access to over 22 million songs. This has mainly released by Amazon to reduce the Apple’s purchase rate within their apps. You can now buy a track from the MP3 web store on iPod touch or iPhone and then you can play the track immediately with the help of Amazon Cloud Player application.

amazon web store

Visit the web browser from your Apple device and you can find the version HTML5 of the store which allows you to browse MP3 store and buy songs. Amazon consists of thousands of albums which can be purchased for $5 or less, and numerous songs are available which can be purchased for $0.69 or lesser than that.

When a song is purchased from Amazon, users can play that song using their Cloud Player app or they can download on any of the supported devices.

The Amazon’s cloud player is available for free for storing up to two hundred and fifty tracks, but the users who wants to store up to 250,000 songs, they can pay annual fee of $24.99.

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