Android and iOS Outlook App Updated to Include New Address Book and Improved Calendar

The main objective for every update on Microsoft’s Outlook for iOS and Android is to enhance users’ experience. Outlook for iOS and Android now has a new Address Book as well as an improved calendar version. It also includes a new search function, which enables quick searching of mails, making the new update one of the most effective in Microsoft’s Outlook for Smart Phone history.

Microsoft Outlook Preview

The people section of the app will no longer display the top contacts only. Developers have made changes to this section to include a new, full-blown address book. Users can now view all contacts from all their email accounts and those stored locally on their Smart Phone using the app. You can now search mails, start new email threads or make a phone call altogether, all these with the newly updated Outlook app.

The calendar update is an interesting one too. You can now create events using the improved day picker, and remove all the meeting or appointments you or the team in question canceled.

The app now allows the users to select multiple images through a single tap for bulk function. Your search terms in the search mail function are also heighted during a search event. These features are available on iOS app and will be on Android at a future date.

Microsoft Outlook Download for iOS

Microsoft Outlook Download for Android

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