Angry Birds Friends is Now Available for iOS and Android Platforms

Another Angry Birds game headed to the iOS and Android platforms! Rovio has released its Facebook social gaming app, Angry Birds Friends for the devices that run on iOS and Android operating systems.

angry birds friends

This game is a Facebook connected version but remains the same gameplay as its former versions. This new Facebook counterpart allows the users to connect with their Facebook friends and compete against them to get a high score on each level. The scores you have achieved will be compared with the scores of your Facebook friends to see whose best in destroying the bad piggies.

angry birds friends app

Along with the social elements, this game presents weekly tournaments with daily rewards, new exciting levels and amazing gifts. Players can win gold, silver or bronze trophy based on their performance. However, the tournaments will be accessible only from the May 6th of this month.

angry birds friends game

This game automatically integrates with the Facebook so that your game progress is been automatically updated to continue your game from any version. Invite your Facebook friends and have fun!

iOS users can download this game from Apple App Store and Android users can download this game from Google Play Store for free.

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