Angry Birds Rio App Review

When Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds announced about their new release of Angry Birds Rio that is connected to the animated movie Rio, you might have wondered how the game would be, would there be any Rio characters in it and all. At last, the Angry Birds Rio has been released to answer all your queries. This is a sequel to the well-known Angry Birds game.

Angry Birds Rio Game

In the Angry Birds version, you need to destroy the pigs by aiming birds at them to complete each level. But in the Angry Birds Rio, the gameplay remains the same, but the storyline differs. Here you don’t find any pigs to destroy. Instead, you find caged birds that you have to set free from their cages. Try to free all the birds in the cage, or else you need to retry the level.

Angry Birds Rio Review

Angry Birds Rio is much interesting game than its previous version. Here you find a major boss fight at the end of the 2nd chapter. You should destroy him using several birds, but you will use Jewel and blu, 2 important characters of the movie Rio, as your first 2 birds to defeat him. Don’t be worried, this is not much difficult, you can defeat him in your 1st attempt too.

Angry Birds Rio

You can also find power ups in this game. Improve your bird’s abilities, gain all the 3 stars and find out special hidden fruits! You get absorbed into the game as you get wonderful power ups, new exciting levels with 6 episodes, hidden surprises and amazing boss fights. Grab this amazing game and get ready to save the caged birds.

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