Any.Do’s Cal App Integrates with Google Maps and Waze

Any.Do’s calendar app, Cal for iOS has received a major update with welcome new features, which makes it a more proficient app.


First up, the app now integrates with the Uber service, allowing you to call anytime for a cab via Uber. In addition, the app also teams up with Google maps and Waze maps. So, you can now easily know not just when you are having an appointment and with whom, but also know how to get there without having to launch any additional apps.

The app also integrates with Amazon and, allowing you to send real-gifts to your dear ones. This is perfect for birthdays!

Furthermore, the app has also received a better iOS 7 support, enhanced Timezone support and several usual bug fixes.

For now, the update is only available for iOS users, while the Android users need to wait for a while to receive the update. iOS users can download the latest version of Cal from the Apple App Store for free. The app works with devices running on iOS 6.0 or above.

Cal download link for iOS (free)

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