AppSpace Launches an app Expense Tracker 2.0 for ipad users

The ExpenseTracker 2.0 App released by the AppSpace for those individuals who are planning out to control their daily expenses. The App is specially designed for the iPad users who can plan their monthly budget and keep track of the expenses at their own comfort.

With the inbuilt financial assistant, the APP will encourage you in saving more money and will provide your regular updates or comment about your financial health status and helps you in saving money every month.

It allows the users to track their monthly expenses that covers all recurring expenses and a detailed reports on the expenses will be generated for every month and emailed to your personal id. The App will let the users to track their unwanted expenses and reduce it in next month.

app Expense Tracker 2.0

 Whats new in the expense tracker 2.0 App:

  •  Provides budget planning on the move
  • Gives regular feedback and comment on financial status of the person
  • Adds monthly recurring expense and pays them on time
  • View savings and expenses information every month
  • Generates a detailed expenses report that allows you to monitor all you monthly expenses
  • Calculate the percentage of money that you saved in comparison to money spent
  • Access inbuilt calculate that has inbuilt copy and paste features
  • Secure the financial information with inbuilt pass-code
  • Improved visibility with urban colour themes

The expense tracker App is now available at Apple’s Apple store

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