Australia Government Launches Express Plus Seniors App for Senior Citizens

The department of human services in Australia has today launches an mobile App to aid the travelling senior citizens to keep track of their pension and other monetary benefits.

This App allows the users to engage with government offices in a short period of time. It is mainly helpful while dealing with Centrelink- a delivery agency that depicts benefits related to senior citizens in Australia.

Senior Citizen's App

More than 2.2 Million pension holders in Australia are registered with the Centrelink’s agency to use its online services. Government officials of Australia have stated that there is a need of mobile App to make difference and help out Australian who rely on the pension benefits.

This latest mobile App enables the senior citizens to subscribe for online letters, save letters and documents in a vault. App users can now capture the images of important documents and upload it directly rather than posting the documents to respective departments.

Pensioners using the App can view and add their personal details, claim an advance and even place request for the Centrelink statements.

The Express plus seniors App is now available for free at the iTunes App store for iPhone, iPad and ipad touch devices. Its Android version can be accessed by visiting the official Google Play store.


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