Automatic Journaling App Heyday Hits iOS Platform

Journaling apps are always great to record your sweet memories, but the fact is that most people give up manually feeding entries. Heyday, the recently launched iOS app, eliminates that problem and automatically creates your journal for you.


Heyday is something similar to the Rover, which also work smartly and automatically logs the location data. Once you launch the app, it automatically brings all your videos, images and locations together by day. Pictures are shown in grid layouts, and you can also set the app to automatically apply filters.

The app features over 50 collage layouts and 18 amazing photo filters to beautify your images. And with just a click, you will be able to add your ideas or add your buddies to complete your memories.

You can easily rediscover significant memories from years ago. Search your desired stuff by location, time and people. Moreover, you can also backup your journal by just activating a cloud syncing function. But, if you activate that feature, your location data and images will be automatically uploaded, so think before you switch on the feature.

The app doesn’t feature a plenty of additional features for the devoted journaling users. But still it’s a great app for those who desire to maintain a record of their lives, but feel too lazy, or busy to input the details themselves.

iOS users can download this new Heyday journaling app from the link given below. The app is available for free and works with devices running on iOS version 6.0 or above.

Heyday download link for iOS (free)

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