Basecamp launches its first iOS App to manage projects

In last few years, there have been numerous countless project management Apps launched for iOS users. Basecamp has launched its first App for iOS device users to help them in managing their projects without using any third party App.

Using the App, users can keep track of their project, discuss with the team mates about project, post comments to make further modifications and upload useful files for individuals working on the project.

Basecamp App

To use the App, user must be an existing Basecamp customer or register with the Basecamp to access the App. The plan amount to maintain a Basecamp account ranges between $ 20 to $ 150 per month. Users on subscribing for basic plan can manage 10 projects with 3GB file storage.

Basecamp iPhone App provides you with latest updates of every project that you work on and helps you in joining the discussion to post your thoughts on progress of the project.

Basecamp iPhone App

The project heads using Basecamp App can track the working progress of their team members and assign work from within the App. Every document related to your project can be viewed clearly and if necessary, users can upload new files.

Basecamp has launched other App named Basecamp Personal that lets users to manage personal projects.

Download the App from iTunes store for free or visit

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  1. FH

    It looks as though the only file upload is image – not txt or doc or pdf. Is this the case?


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