BBM for iOS and Android Receives a Significant Update

BlackBerry has announced an update to the BBM apps for iOS and Android. The revamp adds a plethora of awaited features to the messaging platform.


First up, the update adds BBM Voice, which enables users to place voice calls to their BBM contacts around the globe through either mobile data or WiFi network. Next up, the update includes support for BBM Channels on iOS and Android. This feature lets random users of the BBM to carry out group interactions around a specific theme, personality, or topic.

Moreover, you will now be able to share your location information with your loved ones through Dropbox and Glympse files. Indeed, Dropbox is specifically handy, since it enables users to seamlessly send large files from their folder to BBM contacts.

While Glympse-powered sharing allows users to send their real-time whereabouts. Your current location is updated live on a map within the app. There’s also timed data which you can set by yourself, so that you can easily let a friend know where you are corresponding to their location if you are running behind.

Sean Hungerford, head of Product Management for BBM has said that BBM continues to enhance in fame and the team is focussed on bringing users the perfect, full-featured mobile messaging as well as sharing experience. Integration with Glympse will help the team to bring the service ahead by adding live location sharing functionality, Sean adds.

The updated version also brings one-click sharing functionality, which offers a simplified way to send voice messages, images, and other sorts of content to their network connections. The revamp also includes 100 new emoticons which help users to exactly express their feelings without the need for annoying words.

Most of these features are inherited from the original BBM app for BlackBerry. But they are pretty welcome additions, and should delight dedicated users.

Both iOS and Android users can download the latest version of BBM app directly from the links given below. iOS app is compatible with devices that run on iOS 6.0 or above, while Android version works with devices powered by Android 4.0 and above.

BBM download link for iOS (free)

BBM download link for Android (free)

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