Beach Buggy Blitz App Review

Beach Buggy Blitz is a fun but endless racing game developed by Vector Unit. But it is not a usual racing game where you race against your opponents. In this game you are the only participant where you have to race against clock. This game involves racing a buggy endlessly on a beach road.

Beach Buggy Blitz App

In this game, you initially begin with 30 seconds and race against time. When you run out of the time, your game is over. Your objective here is to get as far in as possible. For every few hundred meters of distance, there will be a checkpoint which increases your spare time when you cross it. All along your way, you find obstacles like large boulders, palm trees and many more which can slow down your progress.

Beach Buggy Blitz Game

All along your way, coins will be scattered in rows. While you race, you need to collect as many coins as you can. These earned coins can be spent on in-app purchases like purchasing characters, upgrades to the vehicles, gadgets and power ups. This game also consists of several objectives to aim for and statistics page which tracks your game’s progress in detail.

Beach Buggy Blitz Review

The game always starts off with the beach, but later on it takes you to other areas like volcano and swamp. Controls are so simple, you just need to tilt your device in order to steer, and the brakes are located at the bottom of your screen. The graphics are very good, you will enjoy the cartoonish style of look. This is a fun and addicting game. Grab this game and have a great fun!

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