Bean – a simple counting App for iPhone users

Small planet digital has launched a new counting App and named it as Bean. The counting App will allows you to increase the counters for different labels that you choose. Users can instantly count 9 time by simple tapping and swiping gestures.

Users can track up to nine different counters with the intuitive interface of App and users can even drop down one counter by zooming in on a specific counter.

Bean App

On opening the App, users can customize the counter, alter its name, adjust the number or change its colour. On setting the name or colour, you can simply tap on the counter to increase number or double tap to decrease the number.

Bean App will allow the users to tap and rearrange the counters as they wish and the iCloud syncing provides back up and stores all precious counters.

Bean iPhone App

Important features of the Bean:

  • Users can increment counter with one finger tap and decrement the counter with two taps
  • Modify all their counters with attractive colours and clever names.
  • Zoom in and out to view a specific counter.
  • Bean now has come up with different accessibility features to support the visually impaired users.

The App works fine on iPhone, iPod touch and latest generations of iPad. To download the free version of this App, click the link that directs you to official iTunes App store.

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