Bulkypix Releases Line Knight Fortix On iOS

Line Knight Fortix, the new game from Bulkypix, has been launched on iOS platform. It’s a unique line-drawing arcade game, which features an interesting gameplay.

Line Knight Fortix

In this game, players take the role of Sir Fortix, the dynamic Line Knight, as he takes over territory back from the mob of the cruel sorcerer Xitrof. Battling your way across the land, you need to kill your foes, conquer cannon fire, dragons and so on. You should have perfect timing and play some tactics to win the game.

You need to move the protagonist in 4 directions with your fingerprints. Each time you move makes him draw a line that goes along with him and every time you cross your own path indicates that you have conquered the part of the map. But be careful, if any of your foes cross your line, you’re dead.

Line Knight Fortix app

Game features:

  • 45 interesting levels to master across 3 unique environments.
  • Challenging gameplay: anticipation and strategy are good weapons to win the game.
  • Grab special powers and bonuses to complete your quest.

iOS users can grab this new Line Knight Fortix game directly from the following link for $0.99. The app is compatible with all the iDevices powered by iOS 4.3 or above firmware.

Line Knight Fortix download link for iOS ($0.99)

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