Burpple Adds Wishlists and Social Menus to Its iOS App

Burpple for iOS, the social food journal app has been modernized to version 2.0. The app gains a couple of new, significant features, including wishlist and social menus in its latest update.

Burpple Burpple app for ios

BurppleNow the app is much simpler and more enjoyable. It has been revamped with all-new design, which is consistent and responses much quicker than before.

The update brings wonderful ‘Place Pages’ feature to improve your dining experiences. This particular feature lets users to explore cafes and restaurants, with all the essential information like map directions, prices, address, and opening and closing time. It also presents large and beautiful cover photos featuring the interior. Feel the place’s ambience at a look!

Social Menus in the latest addition helps users to instantly decide what to eat. This feature shows off what people like to eat in a place, the best delicious dishes available in a restaurant, and the best coffee in a cafe. You can also few wonderful food photographs, positive recommendations, and prices. It’s really a great way to decide what to eat in a place!

Burpple ios app

The app also brings a new Wishlist to add your favorite places. If you like a place, you can just add that to your wishlist, and curate an inventory for future food adventures! You will also have an instant access to this feature with just a click on your profile.

Burpple for ios

Finally, the update brings a real and like-minded community. This helps you discover friends from people who have shared their experiences. You can interact with them and form spontaneous and significant relationships within this community.

You can download the latest version of Burpple from Apple App Store. This app is available for free and is compatible with devices that run on iOS version 5.1 or above. Download the app right now and discover new places to eat!

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