Bus Parking 3D App Review

Want to drive any bigger vehicle? Parking a car is a simple task, try parking a big bus! The Bus Parking 3D game deals with parking a bus, which you can try out if you are interested in vehicle parking games. In this game, you will not find any special characters, world or any kind of story. You have your bus and its controls are with you. Drive the bus and park it in its appropriate destination.

Bus Parking 3D App

When you just open the app, you will find 3 options start, rate the game and quit. When you click on the start, you are allowed to choose a bus from different kinds of buses present. Then you can start your game. You will have to take your bus to the right destination. To perform that task, you are provided with steering on the left hand side of your screen, whereas gear shifter, accelerator and brake on the right hand side of your screen. Using those controls you need to complete your task. When you complete a level, you will unlock the next level and gain a sort of in-game currency.

Bus Parking 3D Game Review

You will have several obstructions in your way. You should avoid those obstacles and park your bus. If you collide with any obstacle, your game is over. There is also a certain time limit for each level. You have to park your bus within this time, or else you lose your level.
Bus Parking 3D Review

As you play the game, difficulty in the levels increases. To get high scores, you need to overcome obstacles and try to complete every level in less time. Graphics are adorable and realistic and the levels are designed well with variety of difficulty levels to make the game more addictive and challenging.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameshell.busparking3d&hl=en

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