Chat as an Anonymous Person with Your Buddies via Rumr Group Messaging App

Rumr is a new group messaging service that has recently been dropped on iOS and Android platforms. Unlike most group messaging apps, Rumr lets you chat anonymously with your buddies. The app tells you who’s online, but doesn’t reveal who’s saying what.


The company explains that using this app is like having a conversation with the lights off. Though you cannot see who’s saying what, you can still hear their voice and know who it is. When you initially join a chat, you are assigned a color chat bubble, which represents you. You are allowed to reveal your color. The more members you add to a chat, the more anonymous and fun it becomes!

Your color is not shared and you will only be able to view messages if you are a member of the chat. In each chat you are enabled to view the list of members, allowing you to always know who’s in it and you can also find friends by simply adding their username or via your address book.

iOS and Android users can grab the Rumr app right from the links provided below. iOS app is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch powered by iOS version 7.0 or above, while Android app works with devices running on Android 2.3 and above firmware.

Rumr download link for iOS (free)

Rumr download link for Android (free)

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