Chillingo Releases Eerie Puzzler In Fear I Trust On iOS

Chillingo has released a new frightening puzzler game called In Fear I Trust on iOS platform. This is a fantastic psychological mind-bending game that keeps you on your toes throughout the entire eerie adventure.

In Fear I Trust

You are trapped in a strange spooky place, with no recollection of how you got there. Now your goal is to discover a way to escape from the place. In your quest, you will come across several frightening locations and creepy story. Along your way, you will also find more information and involved in solving a variety of scary puzzles.

The game’s release notes description suggests that you will have to study notes, analyze different objects and utilize what’s left of your sanity in order to solve mind-bending and interactive puzzles.

iOS users can download this new, thrilling In Fear I Trust game from the link provided below. The app is priced at $2.99 and it is compatible with devices that run on iOS 5.0 or above firmware.

In Fear I Trust download link for iOS ($2.99)

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