Cirqle rolls out version 2.0 with the offline mode feature

Cirqle, a photo sharing and collaborating app, which was launched last year, has come out with a new version called version 2.0.  This new version comes with many new features and of these, the most interesting one is the offline mode.


Cirqle is an app which allows users to share and collaborate both photos and videos in groups and in two ways-private and public.  With the new offline mode, users can share their photos via the Bluetooth Technology mode. This makes it easy for users to send across photos and view that of others even when they are not within the Wi-Fi zone or on a 3G connection.  Apart from the offline mode, the new version of the app will also support social media collaboration.

Cirqle, while working offline uses a Bluetooth connection and sends across data about the last item that was posted on Cirqle and then shares it across.  The stories collected on Cirqle can also be spread through the desktop web as it’s also supports website embeds.  In the future, the app will also involve paid subscriptions but as of now the app is absolutely free of cost.  The app has also got a visual boost.

Cirqle Download for iOS App

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