Codename Cygnus Game Hits iOS Platform

A new interesting game app called Codename Cygnus has arrived on Apple App Store! This app offers an exclusive form of entertainment, allowing users to engage themselves within an ‘interactive radio drama.’

Codename Cygnus

The team behind the app explains that the app was developed based on the golden-age of radio serial dramas, ranging from 1930s to 1960s. After gamers plug in their earphones, they can listen to a spy-based drama, and may tell their decision to the app in real-time. As such, users are invited to set out on a great adventure where they can choose the decisions their protagonist makes all over the game.

Launch on the dreadful Neptune, your first rival, and play as a secret officer working under a mysterious agency dubbed Cygnus. You are required to unleash the Neptune’s plan and rescue the hostages.

Codename Cygnus app

With just a click or a spoken word, you can advance through the story in multiple-choice dialogue sessions, like you usually come across in the role-playing/adventure games. Your iDevice recognizes your speech to set off and play the subsequent sound file.

You are allowed to choose between options to achieve your mission goals and listen to the drama to unfold the mystery as your character reacts to your chosen decisions. Enjoy playing as a dynamic spy in the world of intrigue and action!

Codename Cygnus game

iOS users can grab this game for free, and can play though the ‘Prologue’ chapter. To play further episodes, users need to spend $1.99 through in-app purchases, whereas the complete first mission can be unlocked for $7.99.

This game is compatible with iDevices that run on iOS version 6.0 or above.

Codename Cygnus download link for iOS users

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