Cogs App Review

Cogs is a mind-blowing puzzle game and is created by Lazy 8 Studios. This game consists of a 3D addicting gameplay which presents you with challenging levels. This makes the game much interesting. Experience a stunning visual design with this game!


In this game, you need to build different kinds of machines by sliding the tiles. You should connect pipes, build machines, and perform other mechanical related tasks in the puzzles. The game consists of 3 different modes : first one is an inventor mode which presents easy puzzles initially, and widgets are included which are utilized to build the machine hammers, gears, props, wheels, pipes, and many more. The second one is a time challenge mode. If you complete a puzzle in the inventor mode, a puzzle will be unlocked here. In this mode, within 30 seconds you need to find the solution. The third one is a more challenge mode. In this you need to find a solution in limited moves.

Cogs App

In the inventor mode, try to solve the puzzles with minimum possible number of moves and short time. Based on your performance, you get silver, bronze or gold cogs which translate into possible number of stars. Gathering stars is very essential as it is the only available way to unlock your further set of puzzles as well as the other 2 challenging modes.

Cogs Review

3D visual effects are excellent in this game. As you get deeper into the game, you find more challenging levels. If you get stuck in any level, you have an option to pause or retry the level at any time. But at times, you get frustrated of some levels because of the difficulty in the levels. This game needs skills and patience to complete the levels.

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