Comics Unlimited – an entertaining iPad App for comic book readers

Comics Unlimited, a specially designed iPad App for comic book readers. The App allows its readers to go through each comic and preview books in different modes that includes single page view mode, frame view mode, zoom view mode and action mode.

The Comic Unlimited App works in two different ways. For free users, they can browse through the catalogue that contains 1000’s of comic books like Transformer, G.I. Archie and many more. In each case, the free users can read first 5 – 6 pages and then decide whether to purchase the book or not.

Comics Unlimited App

Readers are rewarded with stickers on finishing with reading the free comic book. These stickers can be useful in unlocking few other free comics that can be read during the leisure time. The App has a diverse mix of books ranging from Steve Job’s Biography to Star Trek and Archie etc.

Comics Unlimited iPad App

The Comics Unlimited App will provide its readers to download unlimited comic books for a fixed fee just by subscribing for a unlimited weekly reading or unlimited monthly package. On subscribing for any reading or downloading package, users can enjoy reading new comic books that are added on the App.

Users can zoom in and out on any specific frame of the App. The App is intuitive and speedy to navigate that provides an excellent reading experience for the users.

Visit iTunes official App store to download this beautiful reading App.

Download link for iPad version of the App:

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