Concepts Sketching App for iPad Receives a Major Update

The precision sketching app for iPad, Concepts has been updated to the version 1.6. The update includes Copic colors and several other major enhancements.


The company has collaborated with Copic marker brand to add an assortment of 358 hand-picked colors, for absolutely free!

The update also brings new favorite and history sections, a color recommendation tool, and custom colors. You can just tap on your desired color and hold on it to add it to your favorites.

Concepts app

Now, you can also encounter new Marker and Airbrush tools. But, these 2 tools are added in the Pro Pack. In addition to these, you will also have a free Dotted Line brush tool.

The update also brings a new Text Layer, which helps you to add measurements, annotations and other kind of text objects to your work. You can also disable the text when you don’t want to show. This feature has also been added in the Pro Pack.

The latest version brings an ‘Open In’ option, an inter-app sharing feature that allows you to export your creations to other apps.

Concepts for ipad

Along with the aforementioned features, the latest version also brings the following minor upgrades:

  • Now the gallery loads directly to the last drawing, and is much responsive.
  • The Precision Mode tools are less touchy.
  • Enhanced the look of toolbar menu and improved interaction behavior.
  • Eliminated the troublesome rating reminder.
  • Rectified an issue to smoothly start a new drawing before the rest of them are loaded.
  • Fixed a bug that activated the guide clearance notification without any guides.

Concepts app for ipad

The Concepts: Precision Sketching app is available for free in the Apple App Store. But, users need to spend $2.99 to grab the in-app Pro Pack upgrade. The app is compatible only with iPad and requires iOS version 5.0 or above.

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