iOS app ContactSaver turns email signatures into address book contacts

ContactSaver is the name given to the latest iOS app that has been launched for iPhone and iPad users.  This is an app which scans the incoming email for signatures and then updates the contact details with the name of the person, the title of the person, the phone, email and other entries.

Contact Saver App

ContactSaver is a free to download and use app which is powered by the A.I engine of the company that has launched it.  the system of A.I is trained to recognize what an email signature looks like and this is how the app basically works.  This means that when the companies change their branding standards and their signature formats, the app understands it and stays ahead.

The app is very easy to use and the only thing you need to do is to connect your Gmail account to ContactSaver and then check off the addresses that it identifies. Then the Save button has to be pressed and all is done.  This app is ideal for those who want to control who is saved to their address book more carefully.  It definitely is better than the other existing app based on the same theme.

ContactSaver Download app for iOS

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