Cooliris launches a photo-centric messaging app-BeemIt

Cooliris is a company known for its photo browsing app of the same name and now it has come out with another cool app that is known as BeemIt. This latest app by the company is a photo-centric messaging app which provides a superb user experience.

Beam It messaging app

Cooliris BeemIt app is a communication tool through which you can chat with your friends, create groups, share photos and videos and do much more. But what really makes this app stand out from the other existing ones is the fact that it helps one send photos at full resolution rather than their shrunk versions.  Moreover, this app allows sharing of large group of photos with friends and groups and then commenting on single threads of chat.  Infact you can also share individual pieces of content with other groups and also send some of the content to those who are not even on this app!

BeemIt is an app that has been designed to offer a good offline experience as well. Users of this app will be able to browse through chats and photos even when they are offline and photos can even be uploaded offline, as they can get automatically synced whenever you go online.  BeemIt is available to download on iOS and will soon be available on Android as well.

BeemIt Download for iOS App (free)

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