Couple for iOS and Android Adds Stickers to Spruce Up Your Messages

The social networking app, Couple has just received an update. The latest version gets a slew of new features, including a store to assist in-app purchases. The update is available for both iOS and Android apps.


Currently, there’s a high craze for stickers in the tech world. Other social networks like Facebook, Line, and others have added support for stickers to their corresponding messaging services. So to stand the competition and retain users, Couple has also added the support for stickers in this update. These stickers provide a great to express your mood and emotions!

Unlike all other similar services, Couple is providing a great offer to their users; ‘Buy one, get one free’ offer. This means, if you purchase one, automatically your next partner will receive it as well.

Couple app

There are actually 2 basic sorts of sticker packs: Nudges and Characters. The company says that the Characters helps users to express a diverse range of moods, that makes expressing emotions much easier while chatting. While the muse for nudges was the ‘thinking of you’ button available in the app.

iOS and Android users can download the new version of Couple from Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. This app is available for free on both the platforms.

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