Cricket WorldCup Fever App Review

If you are looking to play cricket on your device, you can try this app. Cricket WorldCup Fever is a fun and a challenging game. You can play this game anywhere and anytime!

This game mainly consists of 4 game modes: Quick Match, Power Play, Pass-N-Play and finally the World Cup. In Quick Match, you are allowed to choose your team and your opponent’s team, format of your game that is one day or test series, number of overs, place of venue and the level of difficulty.

Cricket WorldCup Fever App


In the Power Play, you need to bat for 5 overs and gain the points for every shot played. In the Pass-N-Play mode, you are allowed to customize the settings same as that of in Quick Match to start your game. Whereas in the World Cup mode, you will have a fixed game format and overs, you are only allowed to customize venue and difficulty.

Cricket WorldCup Fever Game

When coming to the game controls, to perform batting, you need to tap on the loft off button present on the left side of your screen and slide your finger across the screen in the direction you want to bat. Whereas for bowling, you will have a pitcher marker which you have to hold and move to adjust the marker, then click on the arrows present on the right side of the screen to adjust the position of the fielders, then you have to set the ball speed and its angle by tapping on the bar and arrows that are present on the left side of your screen respectively.

Cricket WorldCup Fever Review

The interesting fact about this game is you will have a replay for excellent shots like in real world cricket. If you don’t want to view replay shots, you can click on skip and continue your game. Grab this game and enjoy the world cup fever!

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