Cubles – a fun puzzle game for iPhone and iPad users to challenge themselves

Cubles, an interesting puzzle game that offers you endless fun. It’s a best game recommended for individuals looking out for some brain cracking puzzles.

The game play is simple and its easy to play, players have to just connect the similar coloured tiles and doing so they will clear a group of Cubles. The more number of tiles you clear, the more number of points you can avail.

Cubles Game

 Player on gaining high scores can unlock new modes that makes the game more interesting. While playing the game, it is mandatory to collect 288 bonus stars by finishing 98 fun and challenging missions.

The best feature of Cubles game is it allows you to compete with other players using the App and its simple controls and user interface will help it to stand out as the best puzzle game.

 Cubles Game

 The game has come up with some stunning graphics, variety of game modes and the background music of game will give you an amazing puzzle experience.


  • Cubles game is easy to grasp but difficult to master
  • Players of all ages can play this game
  • Unique game play combined with arcade action
  • Amazing replay value
  • Game provides you 12 different Cubles and 96 challenging missions to complete

To get this free puzzle gaming App, visit iTunes App store.

Download link for Cubles game:


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