Cut the Rope: Time Travel Game Review

Cut the Rope is the most popular game developed by ZeptoLab. To provide you more entertainment in this summer, ZeptoLab has released a sequel to this game called Cut the Rope: Time Travel. If you like the native game, you will love this game!

Cut the Rope game

In this new version, our protagonist, Om Nom takes you to his ancestral period in order to feed them with delicious candy. It is a completely new adventure filled with new challenging physics-based puzzle levels and double fun. Each level consists of 2 monsters who needs feeding. To get through each level, you need to feed each monster with a candy.

Cut the Rope review

Though the game includes all new features and challenges, the gameplay remains the same. As in the native game, you have to cut the ropes as required, feed the monsters and collect the stars to unlock other features of the game. This game includes some new set of ropes with 6 different locations to explore.

Cut the Rope app

Grab this exciting game and feed the utterly hungry monsters! This game is available for both Apple iOS and Android platforms. iOS users need to spend $0.99 to get the game, whereas Android users can grab this game for free, but they need to pay $0.93 for HD version.

Download for Apple iOS

Download for Android 

Download for Android (HD version)

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