Disney Infinity: Toy Box Companion App is Launched for iPad Users

Disney has come up with a new application named Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iPad users! It serves as a great companion app to the latest Disney Infinity console game.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box

The app encourages users to create their own new worlds with over 50 free items for their miscellaneous characters to explore. The items include decorations, terrain, and track pieces. Initially, you are allowed to access Mr. Incredible character for free of charge. Whereas, you can add more characters to the mix using web codes associated with physical toys or via in-app purchases. You can get access to over 20 different Pixar/Disney characters through the app.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box game

The app also features multi-touch controls for playing, and some specialized toys that modify several attributes in the developed worlds. In addition, it also lets users to sign in to a Disney Infinity account and to transfer their created stuff on the iPad to the PS3, Wii, Xbox or Wii U version of the game.

Like most apps, this app also features a cross-platform syncing system, letting users to continue where they exactly left off on another device and to unlock more toys.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box app

The app features high quality graphics and gameplay for big screen tablet users.

iOS users can download the app from Apple App Store. The app is available for free until 15 October, 2013. The download requires an iPad running on iOS version 6.0 or above.

Disney Infinity: Toy Box download link for iPad (free)

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