Disney Launches Monsters University on iOS and Android Platforms

In conjunction with the latest animated movie, Monsters University, Disney Interactive has rolled out a new mobile game app by the same name. This game is available for both iOS and Android users. It completely engages you and provides lots of fun!

Monsters University

This game features 2 mini-games; Cache Archie and Toxicity Challenge. Both the games focus around running.

The first mini-game, Cache Archie is a runner game, similar to the most popular Temple Run game. The main goal of this game is to catch the scare pig. Players will have so many hazards along their way. This game features 30 exciting stages to play!

Monsters University cache archie

Whereas the second mini-game, Toxicity Challenge is also a kind of runner game. Here players need to race against the clock avoiding the bright pink urchins scattered all over the screen and that drop from the sky.

Monsters University toxicity challenge

Both the games are so simple to play during the initial levels, but as you progress, the later stages will be more difficult. Based on your performance you are awarded a star rating, so the game consists of room for improvement.

iOS and Android users can download this game from Apple App Store and Google Play Store respectively. But you need to spend some money to grab this exciting game; iOS users need to pay $0.99 while Android users need to spend $0.97. iOS users can also download the first mini-game, Cache Archie as a separate game for free, which is only available for them.

Download this exciting game and have a great fun!

Download link for iOS users Monsters University

Download link for iOS users Cache Archie

Download link for Android users Monsters University

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