Drag Racing: Bike Edition App Review

Drag Racing: Bike Edition is a very popular bike racing game developed by Creative Mobile. It is the extension of a car racing game, Drag Racing. Let’s get into the game to see what the game is all about.

Drag Racing Bike Edition App

Initially you are provided with a normal basic bike to race with and you have to earn enough money to upgrade your bike. When you open the game app, you will have options like race, shop, garage and lounge, it also displays the amount of money you have earned, and the number of trophies you have taken so far. Once you tap on the race option, you are allowed to choose quick race, training mode, feed career mode, or race against other online opponents. Based on your interest and comfort you can choose any of those to start with your race.

Drag Racing Bike Edition Game

Career mode consists of a series of races. You will be awarded a certain dollar amount and certain number of trophies if you win a race. Additional to the winning races, bonus money is also provided if you perform excellent launches off the line, and also for the perfect shifts throughout the race. So, the players need to try very hard to gain bonus amount. As you progress with your career mode, you will have to race against much harder and expert opponents, so you need to spend some money in the garage and upgrade your bike to race.

You will have several amazing sports bikes to purchase. When you tap on the garage, you are allowed to upgrade your currently using bike. You need to spend some money for each upgrade; and for the higher end upgrades, you need to spend certain number of trophies to buy.

Drag Racing Bike Edition Review

The gameplay is simple, the more you play the game, the more you get addicted to this game. The great feature in this game is that the game saves your progress after every race. Grab this addictive game and race with your sport bike!

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