Draw Something Free App Review

If you like playing a game involving guessing and drawing, you can try this app. This is a drawing app developed by OMGPOP. It keeps you entertained all the time.

Draw Something Free App Review

This is a turn-based game. You can play this with your friends or random online players. The main goal of this game is drawing and guessing. One should draw and other one should exactly guess what he/she is drawing. Once you create a game with your buddy via twitter, Facebook or within the game app by registering, you can choose a game mode from 3 different game modes: easy, medium, and tough. Once your buddy receives your drawing or vice versa, random letters are provided to guess and make up the word. A bomb button is also available which can be used to blow away some letters in your collection to make it much simple to guess the word.

Draw Something Free App

You gain coins on guessing the correct word. Number of coins you gain depends upon the difficulty of the word. For easy words you gain 1 coin, for medium difficult words you gain 2 coins, whereas you gain 3 coins for tough words. These gained coins can be used in buying more colors and bombs.

Draw Something Free Review

This free version is good to play with your friends, but it provides only limited number of words. In a very short period of time, you yourself will find that you are guessing and drawing for the repeated words. This is the only drawback with this free version. But on the whole this is a fun game to play with your friends.

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