Dropbox updates its App for ios users

Today, Dropbox has released a latest update for its ios APP that mainly focuses on refining the features of photo viewing and photo-sharing. With the latest update, you can find a new photos tab that offers a way for you to strike with the scrollable time line of all your photos in the album that you downloaded from the Dropbox account.



In comparison to the former android update, this new ios App will offer more visual interface to browse the photos that you have uploaded using the upload button of your camera. In the App, you can find a brand new photo gallery that depicts the current photo upload process and if you run out of space , this section will allows you to offer more storage space.


Apart from photo sharing option, Dropbox even added a ‘plus’ button to its amazing user interface that appears at the top right corner of any folder. This option aids the users to uploaded photos or items directly from iphone or ipad to the Dropbox or users can create a new folder in quick time.

There are several new icons and the Dropbox has removed labels on its tabs to maintain simplicity. To download this update directly from your Apps store, click the link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dropbox/id327630330?

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