Eaze-the Medical Marijuana Delivery App Launched

Eaze is the name given to the latest app which is launched with the objective of giving prompt delivery of medical marijuana to patients in San Francisco.  This app uses drivers to deliver the marijuana and these drivers are referred to as the ‘Caregivers’.

Eaze app

Eaze’s caregivers will give medicinal doses to the intended patients in about 10 minutes in most of the cases.  The best thing about this app is that it first checks the medical eligibility of patients who register themselves at eazeup.com for the on-demand healthcare service wherein users can place their orders by using tablets or Smartphones.

After placing an order, Eaze will dispatch a caregiver who will then deliver the marijuana from a dispensary.  Another good feature about this service app is that those who are waiting to receive their orders can track the progress of the driver using mobile devices.

The delivery of the cannabis is free for patients. The money that the startup pays to the drivers is generated from the revenue that Eaze takes in from the dispensaries for raising business.  Eaze is also expected to spread across to other regions as well including Colorado and Washington.  To download the app, you can log onto your phone’s app store.

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