eBay Updates Its iOS Apps With a New Look and Drivers License Scanning

eBay has updated its iPad and iPhone apps with new features including new User Interface and enhanced bidding process for closing the auctions.


The iPhone updated version brings a new shopping cart, which allows the users to add several items to their cart and buy all of them at at once with just a single payment. This version also provides bigger images and improved search results.

eBay app

It also allows the users to scan their driver’s license directly from the app for a simple sign-up process. This way, if the users are completely new to the platform, they don’t have to type their details into various fields. It actually scans the barcode on the drivers’ license and imports all the information on it. But for now, this particular is only available for the users in U.S. Users of other areas need to wait for this feature.

eBay ios app

Whereas for iPad users, along with the feature multiple items checkout, the update brings few other features from the iPhone update. iPad users can now attach multiple images from their image library, crop and set them and improved the process of shipping options selection to provide a much better experience to the users. For the buyers convenience, the update has added a new search bar Search By Best Offer to filter their search more effectively and a great way to screen the seller feedback by 3 inputs; negative, positive and neutral.

Users can grab the updated iPhone as well as iPad versions from Apple App Store for free.

Download link for iPhone & iPod touch

Download link for iPad 

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