eBay launches new Valet app for iOS users

eBay has come out with the launch of a new app for the iOS users and this app is called eBay Valet.  This app has been designed in such a way that it can sell items on user’s behalf and is compatible for all Apple devices running on iOS 6.1 and higher.

eBay Valet App

eBay Valet is a wonderful creation which connects the users or eBay to the eBay experts or Valets and these Valets then conduct the entire selling process on their own.  If you are a user of this app, then you will need to take a picture of the item that you wish to sell and enter its description by either typing it or through voice.  After doing this, within a period of 30 minutes, the team at eBay will respond back to you with a valuation range.  The range is decided on the basis of the 90 day history of the item.

eBay Valet will make the payment by the means of PayPal and the commission that is deducted is 30% of the value of the item.  In case the user decides to cancel the listing, there is a fee of $10 per order for returns.  You can download this app by visiting the iTunes app store.

eBay Valet Download for iOS app (free)

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